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Scroll test

What is the scroll speed test?

Our scroll test site allows you to test and exercise your scrolling speed over a given time interval. Scrolling is the action of navigating a web page downwards in order to display content that was outside of your computer's frame. Therefore the scroll test measures the speed at which you scroll vertically through content on your computer screen over a timed period which will give you a result in pixels scrolled per second (Number of pixels / number of seconds). Your final score depends on the maximum speed at which you scrolled the greatest number of pixels during the test period.

Are you ready to test your scrolling speed? Use your computer mouse wheel and scroll as fast as you can each time!

Why do we need a scroll test?

Our scroll test site aims to improve your scrolling speed, that is, your speed at scrolling through content with the wheel on your computer mouse. In your favorite games, scroll speed is an important factor to be able to perform better. So we created our scroll speed site to meet all your needs so that you can check your skills. For a fighting game, whether shooting or running, knowing how to scroll quickly has become a necessity to perform well. Train relentlessly on our scroll test site and go and challenge your most formidable gaming opponents!

The scroll test also gives you the possibility to test your computer mouse. Whether it is to test the functioning of your mouse or the sensitivity of its wheel, this test will be very useful for you. The scrolling speed varies from mouse to mouse and can be changed on some models, so come and test its sensitivity!

How does the scroll speed test work?

We have created a simple and intuitive site for you; To start your test, place your cursor on the frame provided for this purpose with the inscription "Scroll". To start your test, place your cursor on the frame provided for this purpose with the inscription "Scroll". Secondly, all you have to do is to scroll with your mouse, that is, spin the wheel as fast as possible. From the first rotation of your mouse wheel, the stopwatch will start and the seconds will begin to scroll. You can test yourself for as long as you want and your best scrolled pixels per second result will be given to you. During this scroll test you will be able to view your scrolling speed and your best score in real time. We offer you free and unlimited access on our site, take the opportunity to train constantly to improve your skills and challenge the greatest players.

Our advice to increase your scroll speed

We can give you some recommendations to improve your scrolling speed. In order to do this, start by checking the status of your internet connection because you will need a stable connection to optimize the scrolling of the page's pixels.

Then choose a quality computer mouse suited to your needs. Choose a mouse that is smoother or equipped with the "hyper scrolling" function, which adjusts the scrolling sensitivity that will allow you to achieve a faster scrolling speed than with a regular mouse.

With unlimited access to our site you will be able to repeat the test as many times as you want to practice relentlessly. Your improvement may be visible within a few weeks if your training is regular.

The different options of the scroll speed tool

Our site has been created to meet all your expectations. For this, we provide you with a history of scores that will allow you to analyze your results. You will find all your scores, your better scrolling speed, the number of seconds played and the date when you tested. Thanks to this history you will have a global view of your evolution over time. This test only works with your mouse wheel or the touchpad of your computer or laptop.

No time limit is imposed to test yourself. You can scroll for as many seconds as you want! Can you keep a good scroll speed rhythm without tiring over time?

You will also have the possibility to activate or deactivate the sound of the site and to adjust the light thanks to the "dark" or "light" mode.

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