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AIM Trainer

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What is Aim training?

The aim test is a free, online game. It is a training module developed on the internet for gamers who play games such as Fortnite or Counter Strike, for example. The concept is simple: the aim tests are used for practice and to improve your speed as well as your shooting accuracy. These tests are useful for players who want to perfect their method in order to be more efficient in their favorite games, or for a simple user who can have endless fun on our aim tester.

How does the aim trainer work?

To begin the test, you must first define your game preferences. You can choose a fixed or moving target and a "game" time during which you will have to hit the target as many times as possible with your mouse getting as close to the center as possible. The idea of this test is to develop visual acuity and coordination between your reaction speed and the speed with which you will move your mouse to click on the target. Thanks to these tests, you will be well on your way to master any target, whether it is in Battlefield, Call of Duty, or any other game.

Our site gives you completely free and unlimited access to different aim training games that will allow you to measure and improve different shooting skills, and be ready to react the fastest and with the most accuracy as possible during your online games. Thanks to our aim trainer, you will not only be able to develop your performance but also confront other users, challenge yourself, or even invite your friends. The aim practice will be both a game on its own and a practice tool.

How do you use the aim test?

To start a game on one of our 3D aim trainers, choose your preferred options. Select one or more targets, whether the targets are fixed or moving, and whether you prefer the target to be the same or different sizes. Then you will select the duration of the exercise as well as the target movement speed. These different options will allow you to work on all the skills you need to increase your performance. The first click will launch the game and the timer will start counting down your game time. You will then have to concentrate to succeed in hitting as many targets as possible by placing your cursor closest to the center. Play the game by using the mouse to move and follow the targets and clicking them around the screen.

To maximize your chances of achieving good scores, select the shortest interval of time. If you select a longer time, we consider that it will exceed your abilities and the result will not accurately display your true potential as your reactivity slows down its rate of speed as time progresses. Your score will calculate the number of targets hit after a few repetitions of exercises. Even after a few times, you will begin to see your progression on both our site and in your games where you can see your targets hit more accurately. Our aim trainings are unlimited, which is great for regular training.

Beginners are not the only gamers who practice their aim. Experts and the most advanced players are also concerned with trying to beat their opponents and perfect their shooting methods. The possibilities offered by our free aim test site will allow you to set game times ranging from fifteen seconds to two minutes or more. You can develop your skills to use specifically for games where the targets are constantly moving by deciding the speed in the aim tester. There are many variations of the game that can be tested so that you will not get bored and have the most well-rounded exercise as possible.

What are the benefits of using our site?

The various options on our site will allow you to obtain a history of scores in order to follow your own progress and to be able to compare it with other players. You will be able to view your best scores and the chosen settings. Get started today! Invite your friends to the challenge and organize contests among friends. Or, challenge yourself and analyze your progress. Compare your scores and integrate our rankings.

In order to obtain the best results and to be able to progress correctly, remember to check the status of your internet connection in order to best optimize your performance. A stable connection will allow you to achieve a better speed of movement, shots, and clicks.