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CPS test

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What is the CPS Test?

The CPS test is a free online game that measures a number of clicks per second. The click speed test consists of calculating your click speed with your mouse over a given time, which will give you a result in "CPS".

To start, click on "Start the click speed test". The timer starts with the first click, so you have to place the mouse on the area, put your hand on it, and click as quickly as possible on the same area during the time allotted to you.

A timer will count down from the first click to the time that you have left to play. You will be given a 5 second time interval as a default to practice, but you can adjust the time and default options in the menu.

How is the score calculated in the CPS?

Once the test time has elapsed, you will be able to obtain your final score which will be presented in CPS (clicks per second). This result in CPS calculates the average number of clicks made compared to the duration of the CPS tester; i.e. a ratio of the number of clicks by the number of seconds played (CPS = number of clicks / number of seconds). The faster you click your mouse, the higher the CPS counter will score.

How should I choose the time interval for the click test?

To maximize your chances of receiving high scores and achieve the fastest clicks per second, choose a time interval of 5 seconds. 5 seconds is the time set as a default and will allow you to obtain the best CPS scores that you can. With any other selection of time beyond the default of 5 seconds, the CPS tester will not be able to provide you with the most accurate result to your capabilities. We consider 5 seconds to be the most appropriate amount of time to test as anything longer will result in your finger being slowed down over time. It is best to use the lesser interval for the most accurate results.

Our CPS tester is free and can be taken as many times as you would like. To restart, click on the "Try again" button and you can practice several times to try to improve your score and your click speed ability. A score of 6 to 9 clicks per second is considered to be a good click speed and is the average scored rating. Did you know that the world record was 14.1 CPS, according to Google? Take part in the speed clicker test experiment and be prepared to compete with formidable players, and beat the best scores on the net!

Our tips for always clicking faster

We have a few helpful tips for you to achieve the best scores possible. There are techniques and body positions that allow you to always click faster. To date, several methods are recognized to help you improve your speed of clicks, but the best advice we can give you is to always have your hand relaxed. By using two fingers, you can become even faster. Make sure that the distance between your finger and the mouse are minimal to save time and increase the amount of possible clicks. Be sure to press the button gently and not too hard as you may cause the mouse to move and slow down the frequency of the clicks.

Our last recommendation would be to consider the kind of mouse that you are working with. We recommend that you bring a specialized gaming mouse that will help you increase your click rate by being more flexible and more suitable. Make sure your mouse is correctly installed and is fully optimized for its sensitivity settings to be able to participate in our CPS test. And, be aware that the keypad touch screen of a laptop computer is less powerful than a mouse.

It is important to note to our users that you may benefit from a strong internet connection. As the test is played online, it is necessary to have a stable internet connection.

The CPS counter, training for your gaming

The CPS test is an addicting speed game, but it is also a great way to train and increase your click speed to improve your skills on your favorite games. The click speed can be important in some games, like Minecraft for example. This site will give you the possibility to increase your performances in click speed and mouse control in order to be able to use them to defeat your opponents in your favorite games. For example, with a higher click speed, you will be able to be more efficient in fighting or shooting games.

Speed clicker test: A game and a social tool

Our site is both a game and a social tool. Invite your friends to try and challenge them to see who can achieve the best scores. Whether you are a beginner or a master of CPS tests, take part in the game and accept the challenge. Try to achieve the best results by becoming the most formidable click test player, and share your scores on social networks.

The different options of the website

Our site has a few different options for your convenience. You can follow your progress through a history system that will allow you to view your first tests, your best results, and your overall progress. This history will record all your scores, your number of clicks, and the time interval used in order to allow you to better analyze your performance.

Another advantage of our site will also allow you to turn the test mode bright or dark for more convenience. Our CPS tester is fully optimized to be used on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.