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Kohi Click Test

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What is the Kohi click test?

Our site is based on the Kohi click test that appeared on "Kohi" the famous Minecraft game server. The term “Kohi click” was created by users of Minecraft, a famous way to click quickly to increase your performance which has been demonstrated by the biggest players. User's skills in Minecraft 1.7 and 1.8 can be mainly judged by their click speed. This is particularly the case in games such as Minecraft "PvP" (players vs players) which require a good click speed in order to be able to challenge your opponents. To attack your rivals in Minecraft PvP, click speed is a very important factor in order to hit the opponent before they do. Strike first!

The name “Kohi click test” is the origin of CPS (clicks per second) tests. By using these Kohi CPS tests you will be able to practice clicking faster with your computer mouse. Test your click speed over the time given to you on our site in order to know your skills and to be able to measure them by obtaining your result in CPS.

Challenge yourself and test your click speed

To start the CPS test Kohi, click on the "start" area. From the first click with your mouse, the timer will start. You will have a few seconds (you can choose the interval time you want for your test) to click as quickly as possible on the area to get your best score. Once the time is over, you will get your results in CPS (clicks per second). This score in CPS measures the number of clicks you made compared to the duration of the Kohi click test (number of clicks / number of seconds). So, the faster you click, the more the score will increase in return.

As a tip when choosing the time interval for your Kohi click test, you should be aware that the shorter the time, the easier it is to get good results from the CPS.

How do I click faster to get better scores?

We can give you some tips to always click faster and try to improve your click speed performance (CPS). For this, the most essential is to have a stable internet connection and a comfortable position. There are several methods to help you improve the way you click on your computer mouse. The most important is to keep your arm stable and ensure that your mouse is not in motion as you will waste valuable seconds. During your test, hold your mouse with your thumb and click with one or two fingers without forcing too much to prevent it from moving. Some players reveal their tips for clicking even faster on the internet or on social networks. The methods are diversified and specific to each player, but they can give you some useful advice to improve yourself.

We can advise you to also opt for a mouse more suited to your needs rather than an ordinary mouse; indeed some specialized mice favor click speed thanks to their flexibility and sensitivity. You are more likely to perform well with the click of a mouse rather than the pad of a laptop or the touch of a mobile device.

Put the odds in your favor and leave nothing to chance. Regular training will allow you to increase your CPS and improve your performance over time. The evolution can be visible within the first weeks! Do not waste any more time and compete with the masters of Kohi. Invite your friends and come and challenge the most formidable professionals of the CPS test Kohi.

CPS test Kohi: options and tips

Our Kohi test site has been designed to meet all your expectations; Our website is free so you can train tirelessly for as long as you want in order to be able to increase your performance as much as possible. Repeat your Kohi CPS test as many times as you want, and enjoy your progress!

- A history of your CPS results is available to allow you to analyze and visualize your performance. You will be able to find your best scores according to the duration of the test chosen and thus see your progress over the days.

- Select the duration of your Kohi click test through our different time intervals. We believe that the shortest test time will promote better results than a longer test duration. The more the seconds go by, the more your rate of clicks slows down and your fingers and hand lose agility and become tired. To optimize your performance, pick a test between 5 to 10 seconds maximum.

- You can choose the option to put the Kohi CPS in dark or light mode, with sound or in silent mode to always have comfort.

- Our click test Kohi website is available on desktop and mobile devices.