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Clicker counter


What is the clicker counter?

The click counter is a free online tool that you can use to count up and down or to calculate a number. Unlike an automatic counter, this one is manual and you set the value yourself. Click on plus to increment the counter or minus to decrement it: the value adjusts automatically.

The tap counter records the number of clicks automatically in your browser, but if you refresh the page, clear the cache or use the private browsing mode, everything will be lost. If you need several counters simultaneously, open several tabs.

Why an online counter?

The clicking counter can be used in a variety of situations, such as to count the number of people entering and leaving an event. To check the stock or inventory of a warehouse, to calculate the score of a game, for scientific research, to remember an important number, to remember a code given over the phone, to make sure your mouse button works, and for many other reasons

To make sure you don't make mistakes and to avoid using your memory, using a counter can be useful.

Specificity of the counter

You can increment and decrement the number counter as you wish, the displayed value is not limited. You can have a value less than zero, we made sure that negative numbers can be used if necessary. You can also reset the counter to start from zero by clicking on the icon in the center

The clicker counter is compatible with computers, tablets and smartphones. It is completely free and can be used without limits. With a simple click, you can switch from the "dark" version to the "light" version and vice versa by clicking on the icon provided for this purpose.